Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why, Why, Why?

Why must people out do each other? Honestly, girls should learn from others mistakes. I thought by telling them what I did it would: 1. make them understand why I'm acting this way, 2. learn not to do such things in the future. I was dead wrong. It's like I have started a vicious trend, ending in a similar result. Although nothing could end as badly as it did for me, it's still hurting my friends. I just want to yell, "STOP! Quit rushing and enjoy yourself as you are." In a way, I could be viewed as a hypocrite, but I'm advising, am I not?

Things are blossoming with my new obsession, CH. Its like he knows what I'm thinking. When he kisses me it's unlike anything I've experienced before. So different from KC. So passionate. I long to be with him, but when we're around other people its different. I get so nervous, its just not the same at all. I really hope we can overcome it because I feel so amazing about this boy.

Oh BM, why are you so narrow minded? I never loved you. Please get it through your head, and leave me and CH in peace.

MT! SERIOUSLY?! Claiming to crush on my cousin? I know he's trying to make me jealous. He's going to hurt her so much and she wont even listen to me. Why did I have to tell her about KC?

I wish I could send people to different schools. Its too much for them to all be around me at the same time! And whhhyy would now be an appropriate time for my forehead to explode with pimples? WHY?

Contemplating my options,
xoxo younglover

P.S. To all boys: If you decide to take all you could from a girl and then deeply hurt her (though I do not recommend it), please refrain from slapping her ass and winking at her in public after not talking to her in two months. It will not make things better.

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